How to Boost your Energy Levels with Facial Tanning Lamps

Boost your energy level with facial tanners

Many health benefit claims have been made about the benefits of tanning lamps. Quite simply, a tan improves your appearance, and when you look so good you feel so good. Other amazing health benefits include increased vitamin D levels and improved energy levels.


Increased Vitamin D Levels affect Energy

You don’t want to be deficient in vitamin D as a deficiency is linked to cancers, bone disease, and heart disease. For people feeling lethargic and listless with life, studies show that exposure to sunlight improves energy levels. It’s this increase in vitamin D that affects energy.

The sunshine vitamin doesn’t discriminate about whether you get your sunlight from the sun outdoors or inside. One thing is sure though. If you spend a lot of time indoors, it becomes important to make alternative provision for getting your sunlight, your vitamin D, your tan, and your energy and mood levels up.

Many studies have been done and show us that exposure to sunlight can help elevate mood and improve energy levels. The UV light increases vitamin D levels and this is what has a positive effect on energy. Covid-19 has seen an increase in vitamin D deficiencies among people in a lockdown situation. Spending just 20 to 30 minutes in front of a facial tanning lamp can help increase these important vitamin D levels.

The most obvious signs of lack of sunshine, lack of warmth, light, and a lovely tan include moodiness, lack of libido, lack of energy, and dull skin. We need to know what our bodies need and what they are depleted in and then add that back.


Some facial tanning lamps are medical devices

There are many of these tanning lamp products that are actually medical devices.  These sunlamp products include portable tabletop models for use at home as well as tanning beds and booths. They are subject to FDA medical device labeling requirements.

Of course, there are different lamps on the market and they can all give your skin a lovely natural golden hue. With their amazing advances in tanning technology, they’re not just about gorgeous tans. You can imagine that modern professional indoor facial tanning lamps have been carefully manufactured in keeping with the latest health and safety trends (more information on

They come with psychological benefits in that they mimic natural outdoor light and they dispel feelings of gloom and depression and energize you.


Let there be light

 Humans are affected by the different spectrums of light. Sunlight has always been associated with improved mood and lower fatigue. But what if you can’t get out because of where you live?  A controlled amount of natural sunlight is always the first choice, but failing that, you need to improvise.

Dark, gloomy rooms lead to depression and low energy. Tanning facial lamps can help to boost your energy. A common symptom of depression is decreased energy. When you are lethargic and low on energy, you don’t want to take part in physical activities, you tend to eat badly and sleep more and this can exacerbate your depression.

It’s time to make some small but very helpful changes. We all know that when you’re lethargic you often don’t want to do anything, And yet doing something enjoyable boosts energy.


A therapy plan in action

 It’s a kind of approach known as behavioral activation. Think about investing in a facial tanning lamp. Look at it as being part of a therapy plan for your lack of energy and depression.

The best part is that these portable gadgets can be used in the privacy of your room while you relax. Some people who have never even enjoyed reading have taken to reading while absorbing the light and developing a tan. Apart from picking up a gorgeous tan, they have picked up a lot of knowledge.

Many people who read articles on went on to start a new career in technology. Enjoyable, therapeutic sessions in front of a facial tanning lamp have helped people to look superb, feel better, and sometimes to move on to bigger, better endeavors.


Have a fresh start

Covid-19 is still around, and maybe where you are, you’re in lockdown. There’s no point in allowing the pandemic to get you down. Why not have a fresh start? A little bit of pampering won’t only make you look good, it’s a mood lifter, it increases energy and makes you healthier.

Research has shown that giving yourself some attention is a guaranteed way to reduce your level of stress, increase your energy levels and even reduce pain, and all this from a facial tanning lamp.